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Popular Colorado groups of yesteryear

Colorado has been a state plentiful with bands and performers that provide the world with memorable music.

The Fray is from Denver, Colorado and they came together in 2002. School companions Isaac Slade along with Joe King started The Fray and in 2005 their debut album How to Save a Life went double platinum. The band stands out with its piano use and Isaac Slade, the vocalist, has a strong distinctive sound.

The band OneRepublic formed in 2002 and is from Colorado Keep on reading!

Club etiquette for your next night out

A night out at the local club can be a great way to spend a Friday or Saturday night but it is important to keep club etiquette in mind. First and foremost research the nightclubs dress code policy. Many clubs have a no jeans policy so plan accordingly and follow the venues dress code protocol. Always be courteous and polite to the bouncer working the line as they are the once who ultimately hold your ticket to the inside.

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