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Club etiquette for your next night out

A night out at the local club can be a great way to spend a Friday or Saturday night but it is important to keep club etiquette in mind. First and foremost research the nightclubs dress code policy. Many clubs have a no jeans policy so plan accordingly and follow the venues dress code protocol. Always be courteous and polite to the bouncer working the line as they are the once who ultimately hold your ticket to the inside.

Once you find your way past the ropes the most popular location with in the club will be the dance floor. Always be respectful of others personal space and make a point to initiate eye contact when you ask someone to dance. The bartenders are always extremely busy, be patient once you approach the bar and get your bar tenders name and introduce yourself. If possible try returning to the same bar tender repeatedly throughout the night always tipping at least 1 per drink. Once you have received your drink, do your best to move out of the way so others can make their way to the bar.

Keeping these few rules in mind will help you have an enjoyable evening out at your favorite local club.

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