15th Street Tavern

The Best Music Venues in Denver

If you happen to find yourself in Denver you won’t want to spend time searching around your http://get.wildblue.com internet to figure out which music venues are most likely to have the shows. Here are our favorites that never let us down –
Bluebird Theater – This quaint joint is over on Colfax and it’s always got some kind of low-key artist. There have been a lot of notable locals in and out these doors and the vibe is decidedly old school.
Ogden Theater – The big kahuna of Denver music, Ogden has the biggest names all the time. If you can score tickets to a big show, this traditional theater is where you want to see it, bar none.
Grizzly Rose – As the name implies, this place is a bit rough around the edges but that’s why we like it. Don’t expect high-end technology but do come looking for dollar beers and a really live, cool vibe.
Larimer Lounge – This place has been around for years and there’s a good reason why. If the rat pack had lived in Denver, this is where they would have hung out.

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