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More trendy dining options for Colorado music fans

Are you planning a trip to the Colorado area, and you want to make sure it is filled with plenty of good food and great music? Or, are you a native of Colorado who is tired of visiting the same dining spots over and over again? No matter which category you fit into, be sure to read about these trendy dining options for Colorado music fans!

- Bistro De Pinto
This quaint little venue is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The menu features a wide range of bistro lunch, dinner and desert options, and this restaurant guarantees it serves only hormone, antibiotic and steroid free meat. The live music at Bistro De Pinto creates a cozy and comfortable dining atmosphere that is sure to be relaxing and enjoyable.

- Nosh
This hip bar and restaurant is also located in Colorado Springs, but offers a much more non-traditional atmosphere than Bistro De Pinto. Their menu offers a wide variety of surprising food combinations, and any food ordered is served in very small portions, so that customers are able to try a lot of different dishes. The delicious musical ambiance of Nosh completes the entire experience, so that customers always feel entertained and satisfied.

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