15th Street Tavern

Hidden treasures: Famous Colorado record stores

Sorting, sifting, and searching; these are all things you get very familiar with when you decide you want to visit a record store. Personally, the idea of going to thrift stores anymore looking for prized records has become an obsolete activity to me. I go right to the local record stores. I love being able to enjoy the convenience of going to a specialized store that will know what the fair market prices of what I want will actually be. They will not give me some inflated prices just to make a profit.

However, besides that I enjoy talking with the associates working there. Because you will not find someone working in a record store that does not love the music industry. It takes a special person to pull this job off. And those are the people I love to sit around and chat with. Most of the time I buy more, just because I want to listen to what they suggest as well!

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